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The Sekure Lok™ Washer is the subject of national and international patents pending. The innovative design of the Sekure Lok™ Washer overcomes the concerns of Work Cover and Union Representatives on the BD 066 Committee of the Australian Standard 3850.2003.


What was their members’ concern?

That the temporary bracing connected to the wall panels and floor support could vibrate loose. This could cause the panels to become disconnected from the temporary bracing and fall causing injury to site personnel, the community and adjoining property.

The Sekure Lok™ Washer overcomes this concern. The base of the right angled washer plate has been designed to fit snugly into the well of the brace shoe. Such design prevents lateral movement of the brace foot.



Other Applications for the SEKURE LOK™ Safety Washer:


The Sekure Lok™ Washer can be made in any size and can be used in any industry to prevent the rotation of bolts and nuts such as:

  • Machine bases
  • Bolted railway line connections
  • Earth moving equipment
  • In fact, any industry where bolt tightness is of the utmost importance...

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