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THE SEKURE LOK™ Non-Weldable Panel Clip

To view how easy it is to install a concrete panel using the Sekure Lok™ System, click on the play button below to watch the YouTube movie.



The Sekure Lok™ Swagable Washer can also be used for connecting precast panels to steel portal frames in conjunction with the Sekure Lok™ Panel Clip and would comply with the Building code of Australia.

It is common practice to weld clips and bolts to structural steel flanges and column beams. The Sekure Lok™ Washer and Panel Clip now removes this costly operation of welding.

The Sekure Lok™ Washer when used with the Sekure Lok™ Panel Clip makes the application 100% secure as the Sekure Lok™ Panel Clip has its own locking lug that sits into the Sekure Lok™ Panel Clip concrete recess cross.

The advantage of the Sekure Lok™ recess in the concrete panel movement of the lug on the underside of Panel Clip allows movement of the panel clip for its final location for the insertion of the connecting bolt to the ferrule located in the panel.



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