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Special Bulletin


As you are all aware the National Precast Association has sent out some bulletins on the recent incidents that have happened with Precast Panels.

Please see below part of bulletin
As we have previously advised, investigations are underway into the specific cause of both last week’s tragedy in Brisbane’s Eagle Hill Racecourse redevelopment, and into the Perth incident in November last year where falling panels killed two workers.

Incidents like these are a timely reminder that it is absolutely critical that everyone in the construction industry needs to be aware of risks associated with working with high risk materials. Everyone has the right to return home safely from work and none of us want to see incidents like this repeated. We must all do everything within our control to prevent them from happening.

Imperative to comply with revised AS 3850

In the case of construction that involves precast and site-cast concrete elements, a thorough understanding of the requirements of parts 1 and 2 of the revised AS 3850 Prefabricated concrete elements (and its implications on safe practices), is imperative.

Although our product  would not have changed this terrible outcome, it is important and imperative to comply with the codes.

With the changes to the Standards comes changes to the Sekurelok,

Sekurelok Panel Clips can now be installed at any stage of the construction process making it an easier solution to maintain safety at the erection stage.

Sekurelok has changed the Panel clip in such a way that you no longer need the void at casting stage, So now retro fitting the clip is now easier than ever.

With these changes Sekurelok now best suits the requirements of both the new AS 3850 part 1 and Part 2 and the Building Codes of Australia.

Please feel free to contact us, So we can show you the advantages of the improved Sekurelok Panel Clip.

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