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Work Cover NSW released a SAFETY ALERT for the Temporary Bracing of Concrete Tilt-Up Panels (click here to view the Safety Alert Document). This safety alert was published following an incident involving the collapse of a concrete tilt-up panel weighing approximately 40 tonne, resulting from bracing that was not installed to the engineer’s design failing under a moderate wind loading.

In the document, there are Risk Controls listed to ensure that the incident does not happen again. One of the Controls listed is:

"Regularly inspect the braces and bracing inserts, fixings and connections for damage or loosened connections."

If the Sekure Lok Washer System is used on the braces then this risk control is overcome and loosened connections will not be a problem again!

As an Engineer or Safety Officer - you should be recommending the use of the Sekure Lok Washer on all Temporary Bracing of Concrete Tilt-Up Panels and Pre-Cast Panels.

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