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Abi Group Sekure,s Westrac with Sekure Lok



  • WesTrac Institute, a comprehensive training centre for those looking to enter the heavy equipment industry
  • a 12,000m2 Parts Distribution Centre, including a 500m automated conveyor system designed to increase picking efficiency and warehouse management
  • a Sales and Administration building, holding over 100 staff and boasting more than 15 meeting areas and a 45-seat theatre, plus a large Cat merchandise store
  • an onsite cafeteria and first-class staff amenities, capable of servicing up to 400 staff at any one time


First Dirt Turned: February 2011

Completion Date: July, 2012

WesTrac Site Area: 23 Hectares

Expansion Site Area: 17 Hectares

Building Area: 45,178m2

Total Area (approx.): 51,436m2

Building Volume: 560,000m3

Length (front to rear): 700+ Metres

Total Steel Tonnage: 2,900 Tonne

Total Volume of Concrete: 25,800m3



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